Captain Cook restaurants

Boasting a 20-year tradition as well as an array of awards, CaptainCook has become an iconic brand for people in quest of the perfect gourmet experience. The clients of Captain Cook chain restaurants take pleasure in the large variety of avant-garde fish, flavour some fish delights, signature sushi, seafood, meat and vegetarian meals. The classy food selection is in harmony with the unique ambience of the restaurant. An interesting fact about the décor is that some of the elements are truly authentic having played their role in the voyages of James Cook, an actual British explorer. Captain Cook is a chain of luxury dining restaurants in Sofia and Varna offering avant-garde seafood specialties and a selection of meat–product of a special cooking technique.

Catch of the week

Our weekly fresh catch includes:


Mahi-mahi, Black scorpionfish, Red sea bream



Our menu suggests a variety of fresh fish cooked in 7 signature styles

plus top quality beef reserved for connoisseurs. See the menus of our restaurants here.


Нашето меню включва богато разнообразие от прясна риба, приготвена по 7 емблематични начина и най-висококачественото телешко месо за ценители. Вижте менютата на нашите ресторанти тук.

Visit our

Business meeting spaces


Whether you are planning a business meeting, or a special event, or having special requirements, Captain Cook has its small jewel for our VIPs – our Onyx private dining room. The room accommodates 12 guests and features an elegant interior, interweaving elements from the semi-precious stone it was named after. The elegant décor, the excellent service and the higher echelon of meals are the Captain’s promise for a successful business meeting or a special event.

Captain’s word


The Captain deserves its glory

and his word is law for over 10 years now.

Just think about fresh catch,

top product selection and attention to detail

in food preparation and listen

to the word of the Captain.

He is not joking.

When others speak...

The Captain has customer-tailored approach
and treats with respect every customer’s desire.
Each diner boarding Captain Cook ‘s satisfaction brings pleasure
to this oasis amidst the deep blue sea of professionalism.